Monday, September 11, 2006

When you start something.....

I have to confess, I have an alterego, I am the Rasmuncher, political demon and moderator of journalism that lacks objectivity and fairness in a typical Aussie "fair go" sort of way.

The name started in response to another line of lies that I was telling on that well known travel forum, Lonely Planet.

Well I am at it again. I have told a small porkie as a troll and it is unfolding beautifully. You can follow the progress here

Are all men liars or just crazy mixed up fools?

I have just found the perfect lie to avoid having to tie the knot with GF. Be like Brad Pitt. "Sorry Honey, I have an obligation to the world to not marry you until they let gays get married also." That should hold her off for ever in my book. Do you have any other reasonable porkies to avoid loosing your testicles?

This link will hook you into Sam de Biros blog so you get the drift. As Sam says, it is the worlds greatest excuse. Brad Pit is my new hero.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fake lie-detector reveals women's sex lies

I found this interesting article while studuying for my Masters degree in Comparative Porkie Building

Fake lie-detector reveals women's sex lies
14:16 14 July 03 news service Women are more likely than men to lie about their sex lives, reveals a new study. Women's coyness about their sexual behaviour was unveiled by a US study involving a fake lie detector test. In surveys since the 1960s, men typically report having more sexual partners and than do women - a statistically impossible feat. For example, British men boast an average of 13 partners over a lifetime compared with an average of nine partners for women. Scientists previously explained this anomaly by suggesting men were exaggerating their tally, while women were understating their total. But now Terri Fisher at Ohio State University and Michele Alexander at the University of Maine suggest that men are in fact more truthful in such surveys. Women change their answers depending on whether or not they believe they will be caught out not telling the truth, the researchers found. The number of sexual partners a woman reported nearly doubled when women thought they were hooked up to a lie detector machine. "Women are more sensitive to social expectations for their sexual behaviour and may be less than honest when asked about their behaviour in some survey conditions," says Fisher, a psychologist. She says women appeared to feel under pressure to meet expectations of being more relationship-orientated and not promiscuous. Completely anonymous Fisher and Alexander surveyed over 200 unmarried, heterosexual college students aged 18 to 25. One group filled in questionnaires having been told the researcher might view their responses. A second group filled in the survey completely anonymously, alone in a room. A third group had electrodes placed on their hand, forearms and neck and were told they were being attached to a polygraph or lie detector machine - although there was in fact no working machine. Women who thought their responses might be read said they had had an average of 2.6 sexual partners, compared with 3.4 partners for those who thought their answers were anonymous. But those who thought they would be caught out by the polygraph reported an average of 4.4 partners. In contrast, men's answers did not vary significantly. Those attached to the lie-detector reported an average of 4.0 partners compared with 3.7 for men who thought their answers would be read. The researchers think the results explain the previously reported differences in men and women's sexual behaviour, with women being afraid of getting labelled as "whores". "We live in a culture that really does expect a different pattern of sexual behaviour from women than it does from men," says Fisher. Journal reference: Journal of Sex Research : (vol 40, p 27)

Have you ever lied to your partner about the number of partners you have had before him? Fess up now. All replies will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What is the biggest lie that has ever been told to you?

Everyone does it and everyone has been lied to. What is the biggest and wildest lie that has been told to you (keep it personal folks, we all know about WMD).

Protecting the Family Jewels

You have been dating seriously for a year and she has been putting out the feelers about finally making an honest woman out of her. Besides the huge lie that this even entails, how do you tell her that to do that she needs to sign a prenup before you even think about it.?

Lies to tell the police

Australian Schapelle Corby denied that the drugs found in her luggage at Bali airport were hers.

"Honestly constable, I have no idea how that 4.5 kilograms of Mary Jane got into my boogy board bag." What would you have said in her place?

Lies to tell the Business Partner

Business is only for the hardy, fool hardy at that if you are going to be in a partnership as anyone who has ever done so will testify. The business is not looking good, you need to get more sales but you can only think about sleeping with his wife until he finds out it is true. What do you say to him?

Lies politicians tell.

We know them all yet keep coming back for more, WMD, improved tax base, Iraq, better benefits for the elderly. Help a politician today, give him some lines he can work to.

Lies to tell the Kids

They were cheekly little sprats and my how they have grown. They have just had to do a body matching check and they find out their DNA does not match their fathers. What would you say?

Lies to tell you husband.

Like the dutiful and faithful man he is, he is cleaning out your car after you have been out with a bunch of the girls and finds a pair of your panties tucked into the glove compartment?

Open Forum

If it is not in our other posts, do it here.

Lies to tell the GF about that rash.

For those that are low enough to fool around while the GF has gone off to read books and have a relaxing holiday on a P&O Cruise ship and you jsut happen to pick up at the local. She didn't say anything at the time but a week later you have spots coming out all over your groin and the GF gets back that night. What do you say.

Lies to tell the boss why you are late.

Give it you best shot. I don't beleive you anyway.

Lies to tell your Mother

You have just lost your job, the GF has left you and you broke that family heirloom in a rage. Mothers will always want to know that Child # 4 is doing ok. Would we lie to them. Whenever you do however they always know it is a lie. Here is a tip..... never lie to your mother.

Lies to tell the GF about the Lipstick on the collar

You come home, you have had a beer or two, your memory has faded and somehow there is lipstick on your shirt, you think you know it got there but life has more meaning than saying so. Tell me?

Birth of a New Republic

We lie, we cheat, we tell out mothers that everything is okay when GF #34 has just left with all your CD's and porn. Sometimes however she can see through your lies, the tears might have something to do with that but you press on regardless.

This blog has been set up to collect the best lies from around the world. Already we have millions of well proven lies in out database but we need more. We want to publish them into a large coffee table size book and put your name to it.

Tell me a lie baby, I know your are from the government and are here to help me, I promise I will still love you in the morning, I promise the cheque is in the mail, I.....

Give it your best shot. See if I believe you?